4 Steps to a Tidier Kitchen

4 Steps to a Tidier Kitchen

ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, FL, May 29, 2014—Whether you’re cleaning your home in anticipation of selling, or just looking to live in a streamlined space, a well-organized kitchen can be the pinnacle of a fully functioning home, appealing to potential buyers and everyone living inside. If you’re looking to make better use of your kitchen—arguably the most-used room in most homes– read the following tips, provided by Paula Fallon, Real Estate Professional of BerkshireHathawayHSFNR.

Create a master plan – What is your dream plan for your kitchen? “Figure out exactly what your ideal kitchen would look like,” says Fallon. Is it cleaner? Tidier? Refinished? Are you looking to create an inviting home-style atmosphere or a gleaming space right out of a magazine? Knowing just what you’re going for will make it more achievable overall. Set goals – Create a six-month plan. “If your master plan was to have more organized counter space, then try setting a goal to declutter and maintain tidiness for the next six months,” says Fallon. Do you want to make sure your kitchen is as clean as can be? Delegate tasks to certain days (i.e., mop the floors on Mondays) to make your cleaning goals more attainable.

Break your plan down into tasks – Part of being well organized is setting time aside to actually do the organizing. If it helps, try marking tasks on your calendar. Is it time to dig through the junk drawer or find new homes for your miscellaneous pots and pans? “Every person has a different style of organizing that works for them,” explains Fallon Some people tidy up every day, while others dedicate one day a month to power through it all. “Be realistic about what will work for you, so you will be more likely to stick to your plan of attack,” says Fallon. Whether you spend every Sunday sifting through the stack of mail that has collected on the counter or an hour a week tidying up drawers and cupboards, figuring out when and how much time you need to dedicate to kitchen maintenance can help.

Also consider whether you will take these tasks on yourself or delegate to family members. Keep a monthly check up. At the end of every month, inventory your progress on your clean kitchen goal. This will help keep you on track, and your kitchen spotless. For more real estate information, please contact Paula Fallon at 904-687-6177