RENOVATIONS! What You Need to Consider

Facebook Live 6/13/18

Lifestyle is important. Find what makes you happy and live your lifestyle dreams.

If you can not find the perfect home on the market then you can find the neighborhood you want to live in and find a home that you can make into your dream home and fits your lifestyle. Look for a home that you can reasonably fix up to your liking.

Research renovations projects. Research the materials, area vendors and the contractors you will use for the project.

Take your time on renovations. You will love the end result and it will probably exceed your expectations, because renovations often turn better than expected.

Keep re-sale in mind when choosing what you are going to renovate and the materials that you use. Try to appeal to most tastes so when it is time to sell you can  easily find potential home buyers.

We can help with renovation advice by recommending money-smart renovation projects. I am passionate about preparing a home for sale through smart renovations and superior home staging.

Renovation Tips – Paula Fallon Realtor

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Author: Paula Fallon

The beach is my happy place. When I'm at the beach, all the stresses of everyday life seem to disappear. I also love to eat! Being physically active is important to me so having weather that allows me to be outside all year long without heavy clothing on is a definite plus. I enjoy artwork, strolling around a quaint downtown where I feel safe, and being on the water - whether in a boat, on a jet ski, on a surf board, or just swimming. Music is an important part of my life. It is for all these reasons that I picked St. Augustine as my home! St. Augustine offers all these things to me and so much more! There is always something going on in St. Augustine. I hope that you will come visit this amazing town and fall in love with it just like I did. Look me up when you get here!

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